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Alexis Prince | RMT, CCH, CPM,
Spiritual Wellness Coach, Founder

Alexis Prince, RMT, CCH, CPM, Spiritual Wellness Coach, Ordained Minister. Alexis is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Crystal Healer, Spiritual Wellness Coach and Certified Psychic Medium. Alexis has been reading Tarot & Oracle cards for over 30 years and is a member of the American Tarot Association, International Reiki Association and Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

After a four year intensive mentorship in Mediumship & the Intuitive Arts Alexis founded Peace in Healing. Joining forces with Ysenia Cooper and bringing Peace in Healing to the area. We offer a number of services and classes such as:

Reiki, Sound & Crystal healing, Tarot Readings, Intuitive and Mediumship services, Home Clearing & Blessing, Past Life Regressions, Meditation Journeying, Group Healing Sessions, Astral Travel, Multidimensional travel, to name a few.

Alexis also holds Certifications and or specializes in the following:
Reiki Master Teacher - Certified
Crystal Healing/Science of Crystal Energy- Certified
Natural Healer- Certified
Accupressure & Reiki - Certified
Animal Reiki - Certified
Aura & Charka Clearing/Balancing
Sound Therapy
Color Therapy
Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regressions - Certified
Meditation & Mudras
Intuitive Development & Mediumship Certifications
Mindfulness for Business.

Member of the International Reiki Association

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Academy Certifed Crystal HealerThe Science of Crystal Healing Certified Natural Healer

Clover Hill Holistic Arts | Judith Kohnen

Ysenia Cooper | Psychic Medium, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Wellness Coach, Palm Reader

Ysenia is a psychic medium and became aware of her intuition at just 11 years old. She is a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner where her goal is to provide balance in the lives of animals and their owners for a more healthy relationship between the two. As a certified Palm Reader, Ysenia enjoys guiding others to see their greatest strengths and the possibilities of their future. She believes the knowledge of your personal attributes can lead you to living a more successful life. “Living peacefully in your Human is always the intention.” 


About Peace In Healing

Peace in Healing Community Spaces.

As part of our online community Peace In Healing has a Facebook page as well as a Facebook group Peace in Healing Psychic Readings & Development for both intuitive guidance and development. This is a safe space for all who seek guidance as well as for people who are wanting to learn how to use their giftsor simply practice. We also offer live meditations and healing session, Chakra and Tarot classes, intuitive development exercises & discussions, Live Oracle readings and more. If you are looking for a more serious approach check out our Temple of Wisdom Membership where we offer another level of guidance and classes online and live for our members.

The goals of Peace in Healing for the community include:

Peace In Healing provides a supportive variety of resources, including informative publications, continuing education, local networking opportunities, and focuses strongly on self-care, wellness, and the ability to use our own natural abilities to enhance life and promote fulfillment.

Peace in Healing Mission Statement.

The mission of the Peace in Healing is to strengthen personal development through natural alternative means for the betterment of health, healing, and growth. We are a unity of compassionate people committed to educating and helping individuals on all levels of being – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically – by empowering balance and positive life changes that support one’s higher potential.


Our Vision

Our vision is a loving union of awareness for all humanity – the coming together to create a greater whole. To develop a better future, we believe in promoting hope and optimism. We serve by helping individuals recognize and accept all aspects of self – body, mind, and spirit. We promote the opening of minds to new ways of thinking, putting one in touch with their personal strengths, thereby harvesting new perspectives that can establish positive directions for a meaningful life.


Peace in Healing Statements of Purpose

Peace in Healing, like-minded people with various talents who have come together to serve the community through education and support, serving any who wish to create a better tomorrow for self and others.

Peace in Healing contributes to the education of mind, body and spirit for the public, helping to improve health and advance healing, encourages a better lifestyle by utilizing, as well as teaching, a variety of holistic arts that can enrich life and overall living.


Sister Site

Peace in Healings sister site founded by Judith Kohnen and Alexis Prince can be found at http://www.chhac.com Working together to provide hands on holistic arts and healing practices on both coasts.