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Posted on: September 21st, 2016 by aprince No Comments

Crystal Tips for every day life.

Many years ago I became fascinated with rocks, minerals, crystals and gemstones. Over the years I worked as a bench jeweler and typically found myself gazing for long periods of time at different crystals, rocks and gemstones amazed at their beauty, sacred geometry, and mystery. The colors, the structures…but there was more to it. I felt something from them. Yes I studied gemology but this again this was something different. I began working with crystals and studying them from a new point of view. Not just scientifically, though my friends might argue differently…but their energy properties…I felt them. I may have become a little obsessive about them and “collect” them continuously. However I have learned and seen the results of people I have made recommendations to, prove fruitful.

With Peace in Healing my hopes have been to also bring to all of you information, in digestible amounts, on crystal energy healing. So I am pleased to present today that I have added a section and started putting some free downloads and informational (on the lite side) videos as tips for all of you. I will continue to add more as we go along and expect my crystal energy healing work course to be ready early in the coming year. It is a great course for wellness professionals as well as the crystal enthusiast. Let us know your interest in crystal healing work and if you have any questions for please place them in the comments below and we are happy to answer them for. We look forward to building a community of like minded people working together for everyones highest good. Utilize us we are here for you!

And if you will please check out our new section of our website: Crystal Energy Resource! 

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