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Developing Your Clairaudience

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Clairaudience exercises, Peace in healing U

Clairaudience – “clear hearing” this is the ability to hear information as if from a voice in your head; it may appear like thoughts running through your mind, yet they didn’t come from you; they will often have another tone of voice than your own (usually requires keen listening & practice to recognize); may come as music, lyrics, and/or singing; sometimes voice is actually heard outside yourself with your physical ears.


I am. A closer look and a message brought back from a Near Death Experience.

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A message from a Near Death Experience

I have thought about writing this post many many times. And I am never quite sure where to start. The first thing that always comes to mind is a memory of myself at about 5 years old, warm summer day, all the kids outside playing. I was sitting on my bed it was early morning. The window is open the smell of warm summer air streaming through the room, birds singing, and the morning sun shines across my legs. I just want to be in this moment.  I remember my mother coming in and kneeling in front of me gently placing her hands on knees as I sat cross legged on the bed- the entire day, it was now dinner time. “What did you see ?” she asked. The universe, I answered and proceeded to tell her all I had learned that day and that I was quite surprised how quickly the day had past. She couldn’t understand how I could know such things as I had told her, yet she didn’t question it either. We went and had dinner and the day went on as usual. Sometimes I would later find her looking things up in a big set of encyclopedia’s and she would point things out to me regarding what I had told her earlier. (more…)

Clearing a Spirit from Your Home or Other Space.

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Clear Spirits from your home or other space

Clearing a Spirit from your home or other space.

Have you ever:

Heard walking upstairs? Or whispers down the hall? Thought someone called your name? Felt someone touch your hair lightly or felt like you were walking through cobwebs?

Feel like someone was just standing behind you?  Got chills, goosebumps, or a heavy feeling when walking into a room? Smell roses or ? Did you catch something move past you out of the corner of your eye?