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Clearing a Spirit from Your Home or Other Space.

Posted on: April 19th, 2017 by aprince No Comments

Clear Spirits from your home or other space

Clearing a Spirit from your home or other space.

Have you ever:

Heard walking upstairs? Or whispers down the hall? Thought someone called your name? Felt someone touch your hair lightly or felt like you were walking through cobwebs?

Feel like someone was just standing behind you?  Got chills, goosebumps, or a heavy feeling when walking into a room? Smell roses or ? Did you catch something move past you out of the corner of your eye?

For the most part the spirits are harmless. My children could see spirits and I used to tell them “what are they going to do, walk through you to death?” It helped they realized that instead of being afraid they could safely observe or get rid of them! Of course I then taught them how to set boundaries and how to protect themselves with golden white and pink light. Yes golden white as just “white” light draws earthbound spirits- they are attracted to it. Golden white is more subtle and you have less of a chance of them being drawn to you.


If you have been feeling upset, worried, creeped out, scared or anxious due to a spirit in your space you have the right to let the spirit know that its NOT OK with you! There are laws around this! So set boundaries, reclaim your space and make rules for your home/space, and when and how you are willing to communicate. Have a spirit that just wants to show you a scary face or mess with your stuff, tell them thats not ok and you will only communicate with them under your terms or not at all. Its up to you. Set boundaries. Be specific speak them aloud.

Getting started protecting and clearing your home or another space from Spirits

1. Set boundaries.

Spirits are all around us they are drawn to more people than those people realize. If you or someone you know is experiencing mood swings, feeling under the weather a lot etc, then they may perhaps have an entity in their space that is affecting their otherwise healthy energy field (aura).

Spirits can only stay with your permission. So start by simply telling them “ you are not welcome here you must leave now.”

I have had people who are going through this tell they did not want to clear the space or set that boundary as they didn’t want their loved one to leave, in the event that loved ones are there. You may have a mix of energies as typically, in these cases, you are like a beacon and they are drawn to you, they may know that you can hear and or see them, or they are drawn to your light. 

In that case you can ask them not appear to you in a way that is startling to you. They can appear in a dream, leave pennies around as a sign they are near, etc, and ask them not to visit in the night that can be unnerving. You can even make a list of visitors that are ok to be there. Read that  list off allowed and declare that no one else may come around or make contact with you.

Also keep in mind that NOT setting boundaries is permission to proceed!

Also statements like “oh they are here but they aren’t bothering anyone” is also giving permission!   If you live with others you need to all be on the same page with this or might have a difficult time getting them to leave- basically they would have permission to stay.

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YOU ARE IN CHARGE! Set Boundaries!

Things to say:

This is not ok with me.

You need to leave now.

2. Clear or cleanse your space.

Using sage to smudge a space works to remove negative energy from that space. As you release these lower energies with sage you raise your own energy by the very nature of releasing.

Lets say you had an argument in the house or get into them frequently, felt sad suddenly or any other type of emotion or just feeling not quite yourself. You can release these emotions by smudging your space but remember to open windows to let that energy out you don’t want to trap it in your space.

Set the affirmation: “I cover myself with golden white light and cover it with pink so that I only radiate love out and only love can come in, I only welcome loving light energy from the divine into my space and release any negative or low energy that is not serving a positive purpose in my space now. And so it is.”

3. Recognizing the type of spirit and proceeding from there.

If you have a disturbance, for the most part I have to strongly recommend that IF it comes to this you contact us or someone in your area that is a certified Psychic Medium or Ghost Hunter to do the work for you.

Most spirits that linger around homes are lower energy -farther from the light, lost souls, as my mentor would say think of them as the homeless. They aren’t bad they have just lost their way and have been too far from the light for too long and have dulled their own natural light. Typically they can’t let go of something, feel they have to finish something or just can’t let go and cross over.

There are many different types of spirits and appropriate ways to “move them along” so to say. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts and ebooks on these topics that will dig a little deeper on these topics.

Coming up next we will cover: 
– Crossing Earthbound Spirits over to the other side.
– Types of Spirits and how to recognize them and clear them appropriately.
– Step by Step Clearing your space of negative energy or spirits.

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