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Developing Your Clairaudience

Posted on: April 24th, 2017 by aprince No Comments

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Clairaudience – “clear hearing” this is the ability to hear information as if from a voice in your head; it may appear like thoughts running through your mind, yet they didn’t come from you; they will often have another tone of voice than your own (usually requires keen listening & practice to recognize); may come as music, lyrics, and/or singing; sometimes voice is actually heard outside yourself with your physical ears.

It’s usually subtle and sometimes (especially when first experiencing a psychic awakening), it can be difficult to distinguish between these intuitive messages and your own thoughts.  it gets better with practice.

You may notice spirits voice as sounding like when you are reading in your head, you may notice multiple voices in the “chatter” that goes on. Start to pay attention, listen closely, how many voices do you hear? What tone do they have? Are the voices different? Strong voices may be an Ascended Master or Spirit Guide.

You may notice music or a distinct spirit voice.

Sometimes Clairaudience can come in an external voice as well. This is when you hear something clear as day but it is not coming from within or an inner voice. You may hear someone call you, give a warning or show a name or tid bit of info during a reading for example.

Exercises to develop Clairaudience.


Make the decision that for the next three days you will be sensitive to LISTENING to EVERYTHING. Start by right now in this moment listening to the sound closest to you, then start to explore other sounds in the room, in the next room, out the window. When you are driving and at a stop light, what do you hear, inside your car, out the window, in the distance. 

Really start to tune to those little sounds around you, focus on them. What do you hear? Start to right it down in a journal. Focus. Concentrate. Listion. And relax with it. It will come. 

For instance,  in this moment, I can hear…

  • The keys of my keyboard as I type
  • A white noise of a high pitch humming close in my ears
  • Rain on my gutters
  • The heater coming on
  • Wind
  • A low deep vibration on the right side in my ear
  • A good way to practice is to use complex but peaceful music. Vivaldi, Mozart, any music that has depth. Try to focus on the instruments, how many do you hear, can you single one out? Choose another, then another…

2. Meditation:

Clear your mind of clutter site for 5-15 minutes or however long works for you. Ask your higher self and or your guides and ascended masters for guidance that you need to hear at this time in helping with developing your clairaudience skills. Sit quiet and listen. Here is where you will want to pay attention to how many voices do you hear? Do they sound different? Is there one that is more prominent that the rest? Shut the rest of them down. Listen to the one. Ask questions and listen. Keep a journal of what you “hear.” Keep an open mind to what you receive, you may get music as well.

The more you practice the more naturally this will come to you.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice.
Love and enjoy your gift!

Share with us how this worked out for you, we would love to hear how you are doing and please feel free to ask questions. You can also join us on our Facebook Group: Peace in Healing Intuitive Development, Healing, Learning
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