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Tarot Thursday: Learn Tarot on our Facebook Group

Posted on: June 15th, 2017 by aprince No Comments

Tarot Thursdays on Peace in Healing U Facebook Group

Peace in Healing U’s community on Facebook has been growing in leaps and bounds. We are so excited to see the growth and be able to create a safe environment for people with gifts to grow and flourish

As part of our (currently free) group on Facebook called Peace in Healing Intuitive Development, Healing, Learning ( we offer an in depth look at old school Tarot using the Waite- Rider deck as requested by a few of our members. We provide free downloads in the groups Files section that follow the course path and materials. So far we have covered topics such as old school methods of storing and caring for your cards/deck, how to connect with and learn intuitively what the cards represent. We have looked at getting to know the deck by looking at what the suits represent as well as numbers and court cards. The lessons also provide exercises that you can do to help you better understand the cards and a spread. This week we are looking at the Ace of Wands. You can download a free document giving key topics for thought, as well as information on what this card represents for general purpose, career/business as well as relationships and family. There is even a “sample” general read of the card and the document has a place for you to make your own notes. In our post on the group we encourage participants to engage by sharing what their particular interpretation might look like for this same card. They are also encouraged to match a “question” to their interpretation. The goal is to get new readers familiar with all attributes of each card and how to interpret them based on the question then later moving into adding on more elements of a reading such as profusion of a suit or number in a spread, layout and what that represents as well of course as the other cards in the spread.

This is just one topic we cover in our group. Starting next week we will be exploring chakras, adding more information on crystals continuous readings for members, live readings and healing presentations and so much more.

Love it but want to take it up a notch? We don’t blame you! As a matter of a fact we have added Memberships that start as low as $5/mo. Get more than for very affordable rates. Join our group now its currently FREE! And help us to bring Peace in Healing to You.


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