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Grid for Northern California Fires Relief.

Posted on: October 11th, 2017 by aprince No Comments

Grid for Northern California Fires

I have been feeling that I would need to do a grid for something important and just thought I needed to sit on it till it came to me what it was. Well I guess you could say it came to me. I lived in Santa Rosa California for over 26 years. I am currently on the east coast but am planning to move back there in the coming year.  Anyway, I have been over the top devastated with all of this, watching what I consider my home town burn to the ground and was quite moved to create a powerful manifestation grid for relief.

This morning I searched for the right grid or elements that would feel right to me, and I found one for manifestation related to the Earth-perfect. I then looked up the elements and which platonic solids are for each element. I then looked up the God or Goddess of each element as well as stones, direction etc., and put together what you see here. I have the grid overlaying a google map of the area of concern. I recreated the grid image (I jazzed it up a bit) and added images of the Gods/Goddesses found on google images (I can distribute the grid for use by others WITHOUT those images on the bottom as I do not have rights to distribute or use they are just being used in my home-personal use currently, however I left the names of the ones I chose in case you want to search for them and add them to your copy of the grid should you choose to use it).

I then wrote an affirmation/invocation and statement of what it was for and locations it is for.

For Air I needed a Citrine but only had a smokey Citrine in a point but I felt that it was sort of the right stone due to all the “smoke” they are dealing with AND its so grounding. For Fire I used Garnets, They are raw, small but I made them in a ring and at all points of the triangle representing the large number of fires. For Earth I used Amazonite as I felt that Rose quartz was not strong enough for this big a job but I did sprinkle small rose quartz throughout, more for the people who just really really need the love and compassion right now. For water I used Green Fluorite. It is a point but I laid it on its side feeling one, that I wanted only one upright point and two we need to spread this energy outward. And for Spirit, ether, all that is, I used an elestial Amethyst. In between all in the outer rim I put Madagascar quartz points and I activated it with the lumerian seed crystal point you see to the right bottom of one of the images. This is one of my power house stones I pull out for big jobs. you will also notice platonic solid clear quartz throughout and I was a little stressed about so many stones and not a conventional grid but feels like none of this is conventional and all need a little extra (ok a lot of) help. 

Platonic Solids:

Earth- the Cube


Air – Octahedron

Water – Icosahedron

Spirit, Ether all that is- Dodecahedron and a Merkaba.

Additional display/Power objects:

I have an angel wing display holding up some Reiki Symbols and I have candles to represent the purity of the violet flame but they are out- not lit,  to represent stillness and the quenching of the fires. That we invoke- NO FLAME. 

Energy Focus/Visualization:

You will see in the grid some lines and numbers 1-4. As you focus your energy follow these lines, imagine it as 3d as you circulate the energy in this pattern.

I do also have an apophyllite to the side for Earth Healing.

Calling all Reiki Practitions, Masters, lightworkers, energy healers and more…

I know that with the hurricanes lots of Reiki Masters,Practitioners, light workers etc., got together to send out healing energy, and honestly “Know one knows” why the winds were not what they were supposed to be- not so bad. Well we know! I hope and pray that everyone who feels it is right for them will send energy into this grid, or a grid of their own, and out to the people and land in Northern California and all people and lands who have been in disaster and distress at this time. Thank you love and light. Namaste.

NorCal Fires Relief Crystal Grid

If you would like to create your own grid based on this information I will post the grid without the Gods/Goddesses images in the free resource section of this website for you to download free.

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