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The OA

Posted on: January 3rd, 2017 by aprince 1 Comment

NDE, The OA an individual experience.

I started watching the OA on Netflix recently. I started and stopped a few times as I was running it while cabbing some stones and well that didn’t really work out too well with the sound of grinding stone against metal drowning out the sound of the TV. I put it on again another time when I was wire wrapping a stone I had just finished, it got my attention but by the second episode I was a little creeped out having experienced a situation in my life of captivity and it was hitting just a little too close for comfort. I got myself to take another look and by episode 3 I thought this is completely bizarre, not only does it touch on one very painful experience in my life but here we are with another, an NDE. I have not had one but two NDE experiences. (more…)