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Grounding Meditation inspired by Spirit and Mother Earth

Posted on: September 28th, 2017 by aprince No Comments

Grounding Meditation Inspired by Spirit and Mother Earth

Sometimes without asking or looking for it we are given what we need by spirit. Through clairs and meditative states many of us receive messages. I have a deep love for working with Reiki, Crystals, Chakras, Aura and meditation. This morning I decided to do a meditation with a natural clear quartz point (actually is that Lemurian seed crystal those of you who follow me may have seen a number of times) and some magnetic lodstone. I placed them both at magnetic North the point at my crown chakra and the lodestone approx 2 feet below my feet. As I lay down to meditation I could feel my nasty back pain fighting against me laying flat, my heart rate was strong as I had been up and about, working out and doing this and that of my morning rituals and chores. After a few deep breaths and some “So Hum” chanting I brought myself in to a nice state of mind. As a certified psychic medium I have learned many different types of mediation for connecting and receiving messages from spirit. (more…)