Intuitive Development Classes

Psychic Intuitive Development, Mediumship, Crystal Energy Healing, Learn to Read Tarot Cards.

Mediumship & Intuitive Practice Circle

When: Tuesdays 6:30pm
Holistic Lighthouse in the Green Room until May 12 then we move to the Sage Room.
Cost: $10.00

Expand your awareness, enhance your intuition. Open your mind, body and spirit to hone your gifts.
In this practice circle we will be working together to master tools and practices to enhance your Mediumship and intuitive abilities. Share your knowledge and grow as a group. Group will have a new focus each week.
Learn to work with and without tools. Feel free to bring cards, pendulums, crystals etc., as we explore the infinite possibilities.

This class is geared towards seasoned Psychic Mediums though all are welcome.

Contact me for more information.

Professional Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification.

Core Skills: Intuitive Development for
Empaths, Intuitives & Mediums.

**6 Week Session Starts again May 9th! **
Come to some or all!

When: Wednesday's 6:30pm
Holistic Lighthouse in the Green Room until May 12th then the Sage Room!
Cost: $15.00

In this Class we will focus on connecting with your natural abilities. You will learn skills such as the sitting in your power, knowing your power vs others, how to protect yourself energetically, exploring the Clairs, better understanding your connection, managing your skills as well as get involved in group exercises to enhance your intuitive abilities in order to connect with your Higher Self, Guides and Spirit. Exercises include connecting through a series of aura clearing, blockage removing and mind, body & sprit energetic supporting and cleansing practices as well as meditation to achieve certain means. We will explore reading auras, Chakra sensing, energy work (sensing your own power and others), symbolism and tarot, learning to understand the connection and knowing what that feels like and more. We will practice the focus of each class in an intuitive circle each week. No experience is necessary, this circle welcomes beginners through advanced. Bring a friend, all new members will receive a reading from the group time permitting.

Class 1 Focus: Energy, Power, Protection.
Class 2 Focus: Symbols, Numbers, Colors
Class 3 Focus: Clairs
Class 4 Focus: Aura Reading, Affirmations, opening of the third eye.
Class 5 Focus: Enhancing Your Spiritual Awareness: Connecting with Your Guides.

** Each week the focus changes. Watch for added topics.
** All class participants will have access to resources and online discussion on our Peace in Healing U Facebook group. This is a private group-invite only and only for students.
** Must attend classes to receive an invite to the private group. Hosted by Alexis Prince and Ysenia Cooper.

Payments accepted: Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, No Checks.

Journal or notebook.
** we do provide notebook paper and pencils but we recommend for this class that you take notes and or keep a journal.

** If you miss any of the above classes and want to take them please contact us at

COST: $15.00

Contact me for more information.


Intuitive Development: Circle

When: Tuesdays at 6:30 pm Starting May 22nd, then every other Tuesday.
Holistic Lighthouse in the Sage Room.
Cost: $10.00

Come to explore your psychic intuitive gifts and join us in discussion, exercises, meditation and practice! New topic and exercises each week as well as circle to practice reading. Come to explore or for the reading!

Explore the Tarot: Circle

When: Thursdays at 6:30 pm
Holistic Lighthouse in the Sage Room.
Cost: $10.00

In this class we will explore a variety of decks from old to new as well as oracle cards. From spreads to divination, sharing and practice. Bring your cards! Great for beginners through experienced Tarot Masters.  Come for the practice, the sharing, or the readings! 

Explore the Tarot: Apprenticeship

When: Wed.'s at 2 pm * Series ends June 13th. Returning in the Fall.
Holistic Lighthouse in the Green Room until May 12 then we move to the Sage Room.
Cost: $15.00

In this class we will explore the Tarot based on an ancient apprenticeship path & learn how to apply that today. From card care to spreads we will dive into this ancient art.


Spiritual Cafe: A Discussion Group for Like Minded People.

When: Every other Thursday Starting May 10th
Holistic Lighthouse in the Sage Room.
Cost: $5.00

Welcome All To Spiritual Cafe, a discussion group for like minded people. Having an awakening? Experiencing intuitive or empathic overload and have some questions? Looking for answers or seeking guidance? Experienced the paranormal and just want to talk about it?

Come and join us for an open discussion every other Thursday Starting May 10th, 6:30 pm at the Holistic Lighthouse.



When: Email or Call to Schedule.
Holistic Lighthouse in the Sage Room.
Cost: $45.00 per class. Program is 8 weeks.
This price is for the first 5 students to sign up. 2 OPENINGS LEFT at this price!


This is a one on one Eight-Ten Week/Eight-Module Spiritual Mentorship Program for Intuitive and Mediumship advancement. Certification provided upon completion of all 8 modules. This program is recommended only for the serious student willing to make a commitment to the "work." Price includes a binder with the first module printed, a page on our website specifically for you where you can download each weeks modules, homework and extras. Discounts on practice classes and healing sessions. Can pay by the week or all at once.


Peaceful Morning Meditation

When: Returning this Fall.
Holistic Lighthouse in the Sage Room.
Cost: $10.00

Come and join us for a peaceful meditation gathering each Saturday morning @ 8:30 am. Be gently guided within. Meditate to peaceful music, live crystal bowls, tibetan bells and htz sound as you are guided deeper to receive the benefits of finding that moment in the stillness. Connect, relax and rejuvenate for the week ahead. Discussion after meditation.


Soul Together- Guided Meditation Journey & Group Healing

When: EVENT ONLY watch for announcements.
Holistic Lighthouse in the Sage Room.
Cost: $15.00 or 3 for $38 save $7.

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This classes focus is on de-stressing and rebalancing to create a calm and rejuvenated state of wellbeing. It covers raising your vibration, connecting with your own energy, aura and chakra clearing and balancing, as well as a guided meditation journey that includes a Reiki and vibrational sound healing. Class is set to Tribal Drums, Tribal Flute, Crystal Bowls, chimes and htz sound music.

Two healers, Alexis Prince and Ysenia Cooper will perform a group Reiki, Sound & Crystal Healing during the meditation session. Meditation is followed by a time to reflect on your experience as a group.

You will feel balanced refreshed and renewed!

Guided Meditation Journey is a different focus each week, here are some journey's we will cover.

- A sacred healing journey with your guides that you won’t forget.
- Past Life Regression sessions.
- Learning to connect with your body for healing
- Connecting with your guides for messages
- Self-Love Crystal Grid meditation events
- Attention & Intention Meditation
- Meditation with crystals in meditation to receive messages.
- Present Moment Meditation
- Allowing Your Right Action to unfold Meditation
- Chakra balancing meditations
- Awaken Your Cosmic Energy
- Meditation to Awaken Abundance in Your Life.
and more…

Wear comfortable clothing, bring your favorite crystal (optional) and a mat.

Professional Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification.

A Series on Crystals.

When: Coming this Fall!
Holistic Lighthouse in the Sage Room.
Cost: $15.00

Learn how to connect and work with crystals to enhance your life!

This class provides a hands on look at working with and sensing crystal energy. We will review the basics of how crystal energy works (the physics and metaphysics) and begin working with the crystals so you can learn how to choose crystals for personal use, cleanse and care for crystals, determine which crystals to work with for specific needs, as well as learn to connect with your crystals through sensing their energy and meditation. Class continues on with the topics listed below as you learn to integrate the power of crystal energy into your life.

Materials needed for the class:
1. A natural crystal (can be a small cluster or point 2" and longer-preferably not cut or polished)
2. A few 3 is best) tumbled stones that you are attracted to. 
3. Journal or notebook. Click here to download a Peace in healing downloadable/printable journal page. You will need to scroll down the page until you see the page.

Watch for more of our classes coming soon: 
- Crystal Healing Learn to sense crystal energy. 
- Chakra healing and balancing with Crystals. 
- Crystal Divination 
- Crystal Feng Shui 
- Energetic Protection 
- Creating Joy in your life with Crystals 
- Crystals for our Animal companions 
- Transform your home into your sacred space with healing crystals 
- Which Crystals are best for you? 
- Common Mistakes about Healing Crystals 
- Sacred Crystal Grids 
- Gemstones for Awakening the Third Eye 
- Gemstones for connecting to your guides.

Contact me for more information.


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