Intuitive Development Online Courses

Psychic Intuitive Development, Mediumship, Crystal Energy Healing, Learn to Read Tarot Cards.

Professional Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification.

Connecting with Crystals, Learn to Sense with Crystal Energy.

Learn how to connect and work with crystals to enhance your life!

This course provides a hands on look at Crystal energy. We will review the basics and begin working with the crystals so you can learn how to choose crystals for personal use, cleanse and care for crystals, determine which crystals to use for specific needs as well as learn to connect with your crystals through sensing their energy and meditation. 

Upon purchasing (click blue "buy now" button below) you will be redirected to a thank you page where you will fill out a short form so that we can send you the link to the class. You may take the class at your own pace and feel free to write me with any questions.

Course is approximately 50 minutes.


Feel free to Contact me for more information.


Reiki I- Online Course

This course is intended for those new to Reiki or for individuals who want to take their practice to the next level. By learning and understanding this course material, students will have the opportunity to heal and grow. Reiki I of course is pre-requisite to Reiki II and Master Teacher Levels. 


Course Costs:
 $195. For Reiki I 


I AM Meditation

This Meditation provides and audio and visual display as it takes you through a process letting go, destressing and rebalancing.
$0.99 gives you access to this mediation online! Enjoy on all devices.


Limited to 20 Students
Eight-Ten Weeks
Online Only

Intuitive Development Intensive

This is an Eight-Ten Week/Four-Module Online Spiritual Study program for Intuitive advancement. A Certificate of Completion will be given to those who attend a full weekend of intensive psychic training in-person in a group setting that will be offered periodically through the year. Check back to receive updated details for new enrollments. Workshops help on both the east and west coast several times a year.

Coming Soon

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